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Mobile App Development Made Easy Using Corona SDK

Write Once & Build To iOS, Android, Kindle Fire & NOOK At The Touch Of A Button

By Infinite Skills | in Online Courses


The best thing about Corona SDK is that it does the heavy lifting for you and makes the development process far shorter. Corona allows you to work with all elements required to build really complex and fully functional apps, but makes the process a whole lot faster and easier. Using this course and Corona SDK, tasks like animating objects, creating UI widgets or enabling physics will take only a few lines of simple code. Using the Corona SDK, development processes are typically around 5x faster then using conventional methods You will start with the simple fundamentals like creating shapes, manipulate images, creating text, and other graphical objects and then move into more difficult tasks. This course will give you the tools and skills to build commercial apps, but make it as simple as possible!


Before your mind conjures up images of writing complex blocks of code and spending hours in development, stop the madness. The beauty of Corona SDK is that it makes building your apps faster and far easier then hand coding alone. By the completion of this training course for the Corona SDK, you will be able to create mobile applications quickly and easily for iOS, Android and other popular mobile devices. With included working files included, you can work alongside the instructor as he shows you how to build working Apps with Corona and the Lua Programming language. TOP FEATURES
  • Over 97 lectures and 8.5 hours of content
  • Learn to create mobile apps 5x faster and more efficiently
  • Learn about timers and animation
  • Learn to add physics and collision detection
  • Learn to use multimedia, GPS and maps, capture user input and data management
  • Receive a certificate of completion


"Easy to follow, and very useful" - Miguel Signes "I am 61 years old and strongly believe that I am never to old to learn something new. I have an idea for a phone app and needed some direction. This tutorial has been a great tool to help me on my path to develop this app." - Robert Reel "This series of concise, laser focused lessons is equally well structured and delivered with an amazing, almost machine like accuracy. " - Mike Kelly


All you will need is the desire to create professional mobile apps!

THE EXPERT - Infinite Skills

Infinite Skills is a Canadian based company that offers an ever growing range of high quality eLearning solutions that teach using studio quality narrated videos backed-up with practical hands-on examples. The emphasis is on teaching real life skills that are essential in today's commercial environment.

iOS & Android HTML5 Apps For Beginners

Learn How To Create Apps For iOS, Android & The Web From Scratch

By Pablo Farias Navarro | in Online Courses


In this course, you'll learn how to create HTML5 apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and the web. The course is aimed for both beginners and people with some web development experience. In addition, this course covers the creation of two HTML5 sample apps that you can use as starters for your own projects, Giving you the real world experience and hands on learning required to put out a beautiful new app.


Building a pair of apps along side the instructor is valuable experience that you can't get just anywhere. Now you can wake up and get engaged while getting your hands dirty and experiencing the building process. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to take the next step in your use of HTML5 so you can build your own iPhone, iPad, Android and web apps. TOP FEATURES
  • Over 67 lectures and 6 hours of content
  • Create iOS and Android apps with HTML5
  • Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript from scratch
  • Learn HTML5 semantic elements
  • Learn JQuery from scratch
  • Learn JQuery Mobile to create professional looking user interfaces
  • Cloud-enable your app: user login, user signup, photo sharing
  • iOS and Android environment setup and account creation process
  • Publish your apps in the App Store and the Google Playstore
  • Receive a certificate of completion


"This course gave me the basic outline of app production. It also went into enough detail and direction that I could research other areas that could not be completely taught in this course. The teacher is extremely helpful and I would not hesitate to take any courses offered by Mr. Navarro." - Julia Reynolds "This is an very good and detailed resource for programmers wishing to make the jump from beginners to intermediate programmers. Tomas Zegard "I started this course with basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS. This is a good course that gives you a nice overview of what you need to know in order to make HTML5 apps." Dan Finan


No previous knowledge required, some experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript will certainly be of help.

THE EXPERT - Pablo Farias Navarro

Pablo is a web and mobile app developer and entrepreneur based in Chile. Pablo is the founder of two companies that thrive on innovation: Zenva and Super Colegio.

Java Essentials for Android

Learn Java For Android Development & Includes Web-Based Exercises

By David Janzen | in Online Courses


This course will teach you how to program in the Java Programming Language focusing on the Java concepts that you will need in order to develop awesome Android apps. This course introduces Android briefly through three simple apps and lab exercises that are designed to get you ready to take a professional Android course as most of them require that you learn java for android development.


This course is in-depth and really gets you comfortable with the tricks that Java has to offer. Once you understand the essentials, you will start coding your own android apps alongside the instructor for a quality learning experience. In addition, many of the sections include on-line labs with a novel automated tutor that have been university course tested and shown to significantly improve student learning so you can maximize your Java abilities. TOP FEATURES
  • Over 100 lectures and 8 hours of content
  • Get an in-depth introduction to android
  • Learn java data types & strings
  • Learn control structures (if-then-else, loops)
  • Learn methods & automated testing with JUnit
  • Learn about classes, Inheritance, Interfaces, Polymorphism
  • Learn Arrays and ArrayLists


    "Not many courses are as engaging as this one. In just the first two days I watched over 50% of the course. It was well worth the money! I hope to see more like this." - James R Dorsey Jr "Excellent course, I learned exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!" - Melanie Reyes "David makes it so easy for me to understand the essentials of Java. Being a beginner in programming, he goes at a very comfortable pace explaining each and every line of code that he types. I have already finished the first few lectures already and the content is easy to understand and very digestible." - Hisyam Juk


    Just a web browser and internet access

    THE EXPERT - David Janzen

    Dr. David Janzen has been teaching students and professionals to program for over fifteen years. He is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, a consultant and trainer with Simex, and co-founder of Steadfast Innovation, LLC.

iPhone & iPad Development for Beginners

Learn How To Develop iOS Applications For The iPhone & iPad

By Josh Bruce | in Online Courses


This course offers you a series of tutorials on iOS app development that will take you through the basics of setting up a development environment and creating your first basic iOS application. After you gain a general understanding of iOS SDK, You will move forward in covering other application builds including the basic 'hello world' application, interaction with web services and other features such as Core Data, Location Services and NSUserDefaults. By the end of this awesome course, you will be able to tailor your app for both iPhone and iPad use. Now you can create apps that maximize the opportunity this constantly evolving mobile platform can provide.


We love this course because it gives you the knowledge and fundamentals of a skill set that is constantly evolving. You will learn to take advantage of the iOS platform to create beautiful apps with your own two hands. This course gives you the ability to take your ideas and create something that can be sold on the app store for a little extra cash in your pocket or used in your portfolio for your next job. Cha-Ching! TOP FEATURES
  • Over 47 lectures and 5 hours of content
  • Learn to create iPhone & iPad applications
  • Learn how to use Xcode & iOS SDK
  • Learn to add features like Core Data, Location Services and NSUserDefaults
  • Receive a certificate of completion


  • Mac Computer with OS X Lion / Mountain Lion
  • Xcode 4 & iOS 5 SDK

THE EXPERT - Josh Bruce

Josh is the Co-Founder of a Web Development and Marketing company called Surf Track, they specialize in high quality web design using the latest innovative technologies. they also create custom web based business solutions designed to be accessible by mobile and fixed devices.

Learning jQuery Mobile for Beginners

Start Designing Mobile Experiences With HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

By Sidney Maestre | in Online Courses


In this JQuery Mobile Tutorial, you will learn all the basics of jQuery Mobile to get you up and running with the most popular JavaScript framework for creating mobile apps and mobile optimized web sites. Through this course you'll learn JQuery Mobile features to help setup your navigation, custom transitions, and all the major user interface components in the jQuery mobile event lifecycle.


We love a course that sets you up to build your own apps and web sites. The course goes at a pace comfortable for a beginner, but with rich enough content to keep an experienced developer engaged so you know you will be able to maximize your mastery of JQuery. TOP FEATURES
  • Over 84 lectures and 6.5 hours of content
  • Learn background and software requirements
  • Learn about data roles and themes
  • Learn navigating and transitions
  • Learn lists, buttons, forms and content formatting
  • Learn to use themeroller


    "I found this to be highly useful. Some of it I haven't needed yet, but I'm grateful to have this as a resource to consult later. The explanations and example were very useful. For the record I did use this as springboard for developing a simple mobile app." - Nathan Cheshire "I can honestly say I learned a lot and more. The course introduced me not only to jQuery mobile, but to jQuery and some other javascript SDKs." Marko Raspor "Sid does a great job of putting this course together. The topics are well organized and his videos are easy to follow. He also provides the codes and solutions for each exercise so students can practice the concepts after watching the video." - Chinse Taylor


    • An HTML/JavaScript Editor (Your choice, some use Adobe Dreamweaver)
    • A WebKit Browser (Google Chrome or Apple Safari)

    THE EXPERT - Sidney Maestre

    Sidney Maestre has spent several years building HTML5 and native mobile apps and sharing his knowledge with other developers. Sidney formed, BAM!, Bay Area Mobile, a meetup focused on jQuery Mobile, Sencha, jQtouch and other non-native mobile technologies.

App Development: Marketing Hacks

Secrets To App Store Success In iOS 7

By Serenity App Solutions | in Online Courses


Traditional marketing will have you creating dull and boring press releases. It will tell you that you need to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly pay-per-install campaigns, and lots of other things that are impossible for today’s indie dev. Whatever your story, the end result is often the same: You do all hard work, and someone else makes the money. Now there is a better way. This course offers solutions are simple and incredibly effective tricks to increase your app’s exposure and downloads without spending thousands. That is some powerful information you can can't afford to miss.


Just because you’ve built a great app doesn’t mean that downloads and users will come. This course helps you discover the tricks and hacks the instructors use in their apps, in the app store, and in social media. We love that this course contains hours of content designed to make you an app marketing guru. Stop wasting large sums of money to get minuscule results. Now spend less then before and get way more! TOP FEATURES
  • Over 30 lectures and 4 hours of content
  • Learn how to give your app the tools to make it succeed in today's App Store
  • Become an expert in App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Learn to market and increase downloads for your app by using simple and proven techniques
  • Add battle tested "App Hacks" to your app to give it a cutting edge in marketing and increase revenue
  • Receive a certificate of completion


"Great course, has a lot of useful information and is a good comprehensive overview teaching some of the main skills you need to succeed in the App Store. Some of the lecture reading is a bit bumpy but overall it's really helpful and worth the money." - Kelenda Baird "A friend of mine told me about this and oh, boy, all I can say is WOW! A lot of stuff to be learned especially like newbies like me. great jog guys, please come back with more iOS tuts! Thanks!" - Vic Dinovici "Well prepared and organized lectures about every single aspect for app marketing. Awesome job! Thanks for your works." - Jason


Just the desire to succeed!

THE EXPERT - Serenity App Solutions

Serenity App Solutions teaches you cheap and incredibly effective do-it-yourself marketing hacks that are designed to increase your downloads and maximize your app's revenue.


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