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The Dark Energy Reservoir is the world’s most powerful, compact, and stylish portable charger. Be free, have fun, and stop worrying about your battery life, this charger has you covered for the long haul. Despite its sleek and sexy design, you can still charge two devices at the same time (smartphone + tablet), or get crazy and charge the reservoir and your device with its pass-thru technology. As long as you have the power, you'll never be stranded.


Anything that keeps you juiced up and ready to go is a good thing, that's why we love the Dark Energy Reservoir. In our gadget-obsessed society, endless power gives YOU the power. You have the ability to charge anywhere you need, no walls necessary. And the unit is so compact, you won't find a reason to ever leave it at home (plus it looks pretty darn cool). Wherever life's adventures take you, stay charged and ready to rock. TOP FEATURES
  • Dual-Charging Capability - Charge two (2) devices simultaneously or charge the Reservoir and your device with pass-thru technology.
  • Barely Bigger Than An iPhone - 0.49” thick, ~5” long, and 5.9 ounces, it easily fits in your pocket, briefcase or bag.
  • The Smallest 8,000 mAh Charger - Tons of charging capacity: enough to fully charge an iPhone up to five times!
  • DE Certified Circuit Efficiency - High quality battery charging and discharging efficiency.


"Essentially, the Dark Energy Reservoir is a high-capacity battery designed to be as portable as possible. It’s pretty basic; you plug it in to charge it up, and when you need the power, plug it into your phone to, in turn, charge it up. Until then the Reservoir can live comfortably in a backpack, a pocket, or other location." - Gadget Review "This slim, portable charger holds enough power to charge the average smartphone for an entire week, and it does it as fast as a wall outlet. With the ability to charge two devices at once, and compatibility with any USB charging device, you'll never have to worry about charging again." - Uncrate “…the Reservoir charged every smartphone I plugged in, regardless of the port.” - PC Magazine


  • Input: 5v (USB voltage), 2.1A (Energy flow)
  • Output 1: 5v (USB voltage), 1A (Energy flow)
  • Output 2: 5v (USB voltage), 2.1A (Energy flow)
  • Battery Life: 500+ cycles


  • One (1) Dark Energy Reservoir (Black)
  • One (1) AC adapter
  • One (1) micro USB cord (To charge Reservoir)
  • One (1) waterproof carrying pouch


  • Charging Outlets: 2.1A & 1.0A USB ports
  • Any MicroUSB or USB charging cable will work.


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