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Get $30 of Lyft Credit for $10 (New Users Only)

Get $30 of Lyft Credit for $10 (New Users Only)

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You save 66%
by Lyft

See What Those Cars w/ The Big, Fluffy Pink Mustaches Are All About


Please note: This promotion is for first time customers only. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final.


Forged in the fires of Silicon Valley and backed by venture capital power players comes Lyft® – a service revolutionizing public transport. It's like a cab, but more fun, less expensive, and with a friendlier driver. You request a ride through the free iOS or Android app, then watch on a real-time map as your driver approaches. You know you'll have to take a cab soon anyway, so why wouldn't you grab this $30 ride credit for 1/3rd the price?


Being in one of the first cities they expanded to, we've had the pleasure of using Lyft® pretty much since it launched in 2012, and it's awesome. You take care of everything – requesting the ride, rating your driver, and completing payment – all through the app, so it couldn't be more convenient when you need to GO. Drivers are friendly, always available, and cheaper than a cab – why would you ever take a taxi again? TOP FEATURES
  • Safe + Secure - See a picture of the car and driver when you book a ride.
  • VIP Treatment - Passengers sit in the front seat – charge your phone and choose the music.
  • Rate Your Driver - Lyft's built-in rating system is of the utmost importance. Highly-rated drivers give more rides, and low-rated ones are phased out.
  • No Cash Necessary - All payments are made with a credit card through the app.
  • Always On - Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.


To see the list of cities where Lyft currently operates, click HERE.


To find out more about how Lyft works, click HERE.


"... it could fundamentally disrupt the market for ride sharing and carpooling, not to mention taxi-cabs, saving consumers millions of dollars. And that’s something to get revved-up about." - TIME "You tap to request a ride, and the app shows you your driver’s name, his rating by past passengers (out of five stars) and photos of him and his car. He will probably greet you with a friendly fist-bump." - The Economist "In San Francisco, a hotbed of transportation innovation from ferries to cable cars to high-speed rail, the latest way to get around is sporting a giant, pink, fluffy mustache." - Business Insider "You ask for a ride, it rolls up, you get into the front seat and you give the driver a fist bump. This sounds like something you do when your best friend picks you up." - TechCrunch


  • iPhone + Android app available


  • No refunds, all sales are final.
  • Promotion only available to new passengers. This refers to anyone who has never redeemed a code AND never taken a Lyft before.
  • The listed deal price is in US Dollars (USD).
  • Promotion is for $30 of Lyft ride credit, users will receive a serial code upon purchase.
  • Upon purchase you must follow redemption instructions located in your account to redeem your code. You will enter the code into the payment section of the Lyft app (credit card required).
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