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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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This SwingTIP and MobiCoach instruction combination will make the perfect Father's Day gift, leaving Dad giddy with joy after his golf game gets perfected through professional tips and real-time analysis. That silky smooth swing is something Dad has longed for and now you can give him the tools to achieve PGA greatness. Golf lessons and professional instruction can be REALLY expensive, some coaches can cost upwards of $150/hour and that money doesn't always give you the return on your over valued investment either. This awesome combination makes the perfect gift for Dad and will out perform those over-priced lessons in both dollars spent and greens hit. MobiCoach allows you to take a golf lesson with a coach much like you would in-person, using video and advanced mobile technology to connect you with your coach remotely. You can now get instruction where ever is convenient for you, select a quick 15-minute refresher lesson in your backyard or a 1-hour in-depth make-over course at the range. You'll receive high-quality coaching from a top teaching pro on your iPhone or iPad so you can take your golf game to the next level. Leave your friends in the dust and take all the bragging rights as you drive, chip and putt your friends out of all their money. With the SwingTIP device, you can continue to improve and perfect your swing on your own as this Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor attaches directly to your club and gives you in-depth analysis so you can get that kink ironed right out. This little, smart device transmits real-time golf swing analysis to your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device so you can make all the tweaks needed to have people saying "Tiger who?"


We love the SwingTIP and MobiCoach combination for obvious reasons. Anytime you can beat down your friends with a picture perfect swing and a smirk on your face is an awesome day. The combination of SwingTIP for self analysis and MobiCoach for professional correction will have you hitting straight in no time. Golf is a fundamental game where the smallest issue can cause a whole lot of problems. Now you can have the secret weapons to keep your game in tip-top shape. In addition, the MobiCoach roster is made up of top PGA teaching pros from renowned institutions including Jack Nicklaus Academies and many more so you know your teacher has hit a couple eagles in his day. TOP FEATURES
  • Improve your golf game anywhere, anytime and on any budget
  • Anytime and convenient – even from your backyard, living room or the golf course – you name the place
  • Affordable –name your budget
  • Take a lesson from one of the world’s best golf pros
  • Live Voice Over IP (VOIP) offers a live voice call between the student and coach
  • Auto-Video Sharing records a golfer’s swing or putt; instantly displays to the coach
  • DisplaySync™ mirrors the coach’s screen to the golfer’s for visual instruction
  • Real-Time Whiteboarding enables the coach to diagram feedback instructions on the mobile display to further illustrate imperfections and corrections
  • Side-by-Side Comparison lets the coach compare and annotate two swings concurrently


“This development completely changes the face of golf instruction, and can greatly expand the reach of the coaching industry.” - Craig Stadler, a Mobiplex advisor and winner of the 1982 Masters and 13 PGA Tour events "SwingTIP is one of the most complete and effective mobile golf swing analysis and training system on the market." - "SwingTip will map out your golf swing and provide invaluable information about how to make adjustments and improvements." - EatSleepGolf


  • iPhone 4, 4S, 5/5s/5c & iPad Mini, iPad 2+
  • Android phone or tablet supporting version 4.0+
NOTE: MobiCoach only works on iOS devices (iPhones & iPads) but SwingTIP works with both iOS and Android devices


    Reported Swing Measurements:
  • Swing speed
  • Swing tempo
  • Swing path
  • Club face angle
  • Impact zone on club face (sweet spot)
  • Power and Plane Analysis on nine key aspects
  • Complete multi-angled view of swing trace


  • One (1) SwingTIP device
  • One (1) certificate for a 15 minute live, remote coaching session with an instructor/pro


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  • SwingTIP & associated app works with both Android & iOS devices/MobiCoach Instruction ONLY works with iOS devices
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