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iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case
iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case

iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case

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by Monster Watts Inc.
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Keep Your iPhone Charged At All Times With This Ultimate iPhone Case


Keep Your iPhone 4/4S Charged At All Times

We’ve all been there – you’re out and about when you notice your iPhone’s battery is almost completely drained. There are no power outlets around and your only options are to stop talking or surfing before your phone dies. Thanks to Monster Watts there's a solution for this and now you never have worry about having a dead cell phone ever again! GUARANTEED to automatically recharge whenever it is under sunlight, this Hybrid iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Case more than DOUBLES your time to surf, talk, and play and now for a very special offer you can have it for $79 (includes shipping and is ONLY available to continental USA customers)!

See What it's All About

How it Works

Monster Watts Hybrid iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case combines solar chargers with a built-in back up battery pack in a protective and stylish case. This special package also comes with 4 different color (gray, orage, blue, & green) bumpers so you keep your iPhone looking sleek at all times.

What if it's Not Sunny Out?

Monster Watts has you covered because you can also charge it from any computer via the built-in USB port for those gray and cloudy days! Whether you're outdoors, indoors, or just away from an available electrical outlet, you can relax knowing that your iPhone 4/4S will not run out of power any time soon. Monster Watts solar charger battery cases have worked on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the canyons of Manhattan, and the beaches in Australia.

Advanced Features

  • Integrated LED status indicators show how much battery power is left
  • Pass through design and included USB cable allows charge and sync without having to remove the iPhone
  • Advanced technology always use the thin case battery first
  • Built-in overcharge protection

The Power of The Extra Battery Pack

When the battery pack is fully charged, you get:
  • 9 extra HOURS of 3G talk time
  • 19 extra hours of 2G talk time
  • 8 extra hours of 3G internet use
  • 13 extra hours of Wifi internet use
  • 13 extra hours of video playback
  • 53 extra hours of audio playback
For best performance, the USB port should be used to fully charge the case’s battery pack, and the solar panel can then automatically charge it whenever it’s exposed to sunlight.

Case Limitations

All current solar phone chargers have limitations due to their size (despite their claims) and even though Monster Watts uses the most sensitive panel available, it’s still not recommended to be used as the primary charging method for the case’s battery pack. Under ideal conditions, Monster Watt technicians have gotten a full charge (from 25%) in 14 hours under direct sunlight. Now you can enjoy all of those sunny days (and nights) even more with this innovative Monster Watts iPhone 4/4S Solar Charger Battery Case.


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  • No refunds
  • Product is only available to continental USA customers ONLY
  • Estimated product delivery will be within one (1) month of your purchase
  • You'll receive a confirmation email from Monster Watts within 48 - 96 hours of your purchase and then will receive another email when your product has been shipped
  • Price includes the cost of shipping
  • Promotion is valid for one (1) solar iPhone charger with four (4) color bumpers - grey, orange, blue, & green

Product Specifications:

  • Charger works with the iPhone 4/4s
  • 2400 mAh lithium polymer battery (almost triples battery life)
  • Efficient solar charger
  • 5 x 2.5 x .7 inches / 131 x 63 x 17.8 mm
  • Lightweight 2.8 ounces/78.5 grams
  • Case available in black ABS/PC and comes with gray color bumper and 1 USB cable
  • The extra bumper package includes orange, green, and blue
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