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Does this sound familiar?

You: "I have an amazing iPhone App that I’m building…check it out!"
Your Financial Advisor: "Me too! I just outsourced it to India…"

You: "I have an amazing iPhone App that I’m building…check it out!"
Your Gym Buddy: "Me too! My little brother is building it…"

You: "I have an amazing iPhone App that I’m building…check it out!"
Gas station attendant: "Me too! I build iPhone apps at night on the side…"

Everyone and their brother are building iPhone apps these days…and that’s why if you’re developing or even thinking about developing an iPhone app…this iPhone App Marketing Game Plan is a MUST BUY.

Think of this as your ROADMAP to user acquisition.

Now, thanks to an app marketing guru by the name of Jeremy Olson (founder of Tapity), you have the chance to get a COMPREHENSIVE plan that is broken down into actionable steps you should take to SUCCESSFULLY launch and market your baby app to give it the BEST chance to compete in the land of the giants.

Normally, this sells for $249…but for a very limited-time, we’ve got it hot off the press for only $63!

By the end of this Game Plan, you’ll have all the steps you’ll need to market and launch a successful iPhone application to get MAXIMUM press and downloads.

So what exactly is this “Game Plan” and what are its capabilities? To find out please check out this video…

What’s Outlined and Shared in this Game Plan?

• How to frame your application
• How to network with important people in the iOS community
• Templates for a media kit
• How to build an identity for your application
• How to pitch your app to reporters
• How to leverage social media
• When to launch your application
• And many more tasks and tips to help your app reach stardom

Plus, you can also add members of your team to your Game Plan for collaboration purposes, assign tasks, add files, set due dates, take notes, make comments and totally customize it to your liking.

So, what does Jeremy know when it comes to marketing iPhone apps?

Meet the Creator of this Game Plan:

He’s founded Tapity (a tech publishing website that talks everything DESIGN and MARKETING for iOS) and in 2011 they launched Grades 2, which became the #1 FREE education app for over a week.

The app received over 250,000 downloads and was covered by Fox News8, USA Today, the Huffington Post, *Mashable, and dozens of other high profile publications. The app also won the much coveted Apple Design Award.

What’s Included in this Game Plan?

• 5 Milestones
• 30 Tasks
• 1 Excel Template
• 1 PDF File

What You’ll Have at the End of This Game Plan?

All the steps you’ll need to launch and market a successful iPhone Application.

Approximate Execution Time:

• 2 – 3 months!

Our Guarantee:

You have 30 Days to see what this Game Plan is all about and if you find no value in it, we’ll refund your every cent.

Brass Tacks

You’ll be able to access it in your Startup Plays account FOREVER.

Remember launching your iPhone app is just the first step…don’t let all that hard work go to waste and only get 37 downloads!! At $249, this is a great investment, at $63…it’s a STEAL.


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