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Pay What You Want Mac Bundle 3.0 Ft. Camtasia 2

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Product Details

Camtasia 2

Easily Create Stunning Screen Captures & Video Recordings

By TechSmith | in Apps + Software


Want to EASILY record a screencast right from your Mac?

Let us introduce you to Camtasia, one of the BEST screen recording and video editing Mac apps on the market.

TechSmith’s Camtasia will give you flexible recording options, professional yet easy-to-use editing tools, plus web and mobile sharing capabilities so you can show your incredible video screencasts to the world.


In today’s digital era, VIDEO is becoming an extremely important tool when it comes to making how-to videos, hyping up a company brand, delivering a webinar, building a personal blog, or even communicating a process. Camtasia is a powerful application that can turn practically anyone into someone churning out high quality and professional screencasts.


Capture What You’re Seeing & Doing

  • Capture anything on your screen
  • Focus on what matters
  • Call attention to the important details in your video

Easily Create Videos With Professional Polish

  • Put yourself in your video
  • Highlight what’s important with Spotlight
  • Captivate your audience by using tilt and animation functionalities
  • Call out or hide information
  • Emphasize your movements
  • Show off your apps

Share & Interact With Your Audience

  • Share your videos anywhere
  • Make objects clickable
  • Organize all of your content by using simple tables


“I’ve been teaching graphic design for the last 5 years and Camtasia has completely transformed my practice…this program looks like it has a lot to offer and to be honest, I haven’t explored all the features. I will say that it runs smoothly, is user friendly, and does exactly what I needed it for: helping my students learn.” – Andrew Drodz

“This is probably the best screen recorder/ editor that I have ever used. It just works perfectly.” – Cage Wysocki

“Simple, effective, and professional results.” – John Kotnarowski


  • Mac OS X v10.6.6 or later
  • English

CrossOver 13 For Mac

Easily Use Windows Software on Your Mac

By CodeWeavers | in Apps + Software


Have you ever wanted to easily run Windows applications & PC games on your Mac?

CrossOver 13 has you covered and now you can install your Windows software right onto your Mac without a Windows license, without rebooting, and without a virtual machine.

Your Windows applications and games integrate seamlessly on your Mac OS X and run alongside your other Mac applications.


Let’s face it, there are some great Windows applications and PC games that we’d love to run on our Mac but due to compatibility issues we’ve just been out of luck…until NOW.

Now you can get the best of both worlds.


  • Seamless Command Conversion – Install Windows programs into Crossover and it translates Windows commands back and forth to the Mac OS
  • No Reboot Required – No need to reboot your computer to run Windows OS (unlike Boot Camp)
  • Like Parallels, But Sleeker – Get rid of the performance overhead of running Windows OS in a virtual machine like Parallels or VMware


“CrossOver Office represents another step toward making Linux a viable desktop environment for select corporate and power users.” – PC Magazine

“In general, running CrossOver Office was so similar to using Office on a standard Windows system that it was sometimes difficult to remember the PC was actually running Linux.” – Wired

“It works so well, and the Windows programs that it currently supports run so smoothly, that it makes me feel slightly guilty – as though I’m somehow cheating.” – Desktop


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.x or later
  • Processor: Intel-based Mac
  • Compatible Applications: Check out what apps Crossover is compatible with HERE
  • Language: English


  • How many computers can you activate software with? – 1
  • When does license need to be redeemed by? – Anytime
  • Does it include updates? – Yes, minor updates


Dream It & Build It With This Imaginative Software

By The Escapers | in Apps + Software

Lucid is a powerful new way to add animations and other capabilities to your web pages. You can add simple menu transitions, Google Maps, JSON requests and so much more that’ll help you make your pages more memorable. Imagine it like JavaScript Lego® for your webpages.

  • Easily add animations and other capabilities to your webpages
  • Process data from forms, create maps, JSON driven line charts, and almost anything else you can think of
  • Use actions and connections to create Workflows that can control elements on any standard webpage
  • No knowledge of JavaScript required
  • Process data from forms, create maps, and almost anything else you can think of


  • At least 1GB of Ram
  • Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion
  • An intel Mac
  • English only

iDocument 2

The Simplest & Smartest Document Management Application For Mac

By IcyBlaze | in Apps + Software


Are you having trouble finding your documents?

Now you can stop spending hours trying to find that document you saved 6 months ago.

If your desktop look anything like ours, you probably find yourself squinting at the screen to find that one document that you know is there… you just can’t remember where you saved it. Well, problem solved.

Now you can get this POWERFUL piece of software that will save you days over the course of a year.


Who doesn’t hate being UNABLE to find the document you’re looking for? iDocument 2 solves that problem with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Any application that helps us save time and keeps us sane is a winner in our minds. iDocument does that and so much more.


Drag and Drop
iDocuments centralizes your documents and condenses the 50 folders that clutter your desktop into one easy to access spot so you’ll always know where to find your documents.

Easy Management Flow
After you have all the documents stored in your centralized library you can start viewing your documents in different ways.

The Power Doesn’t Stop

  • Auto-detect new documents on your Mac
  • Wide range of supported document formats
  • Easy drag & drop interface
  • Open-meta data tag system
  • Deep document content search ability
  • And more


“iDocument – a kind of iTunes, but only for documents. The application allows for a truly convenient to store magazines, books, manuals, and quick access to them. You can create folders, smart folders, and collections.” – Vitaly V

“This software is great for keeping all of your documents together in one place.”— Vincent T.

System Requirements & Languages

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • English


A Killer Text-to-Speech Tool for You and Your Mac

By Mariner Software | in Apps + Software


The Mac OS X uses great voice synthesis, but let’s face it, it’s limited. You can’t necessarily assign voices to your text and, if you wanted to hear what “different folks” have to say – like in a group or a meeting, well, that’s really limited too.

Narrator, one of the only text-to-speech solutions for the Mac, changes all of that.

This is a POWERFUL Mac app will bring all of your text to life by reading it to you using voice synthesis; your letter, an ebook, emails, online news – or any other text. You can choose different voices, rates, pitches, inflections and volumes for each character you assign, giving your text a wide range of expressiveness.


Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from reading everything that comes before your eyes. With Narrator you can turn all your text into a voice that will read anything to you. Just paste any text into Narrator and your text will start to play with the click of a button.


It’s Simple
Just paste your text into the window or import an RTF, .txt or .doc file into Narrator and your letter, story – any text – is brought to life using voice synthesis.

Narrator for Professional Use
That business letter you’re ready to send to a prospective customer? Have Narrator read it out for you and you’ll know right away if what you wrote is what you want to have read.

Listening Made Easy
You can also export speech directly to iTunes, where you can listen to it over and over, or sync it to your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

A Product That Likes to Learn
To help you improve the pronunciation of tricky words, Narrator includes Dictionary preferences. You enter a list of words to look for, and words or phrases to use instead when speaking.


Click HERE for their Mac360 review.

Click HERE for their Macwelt review.

Click HERE for their Softpedia review.


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • English, French, & German


The Cutting Edge Solution to Hiding Your Private Files & Folders On Your Mac

By MacPaw | in Apps + Software


Have you ever wanted to hide specific files and folders so your friends, family, and / or colleagues can’t access them?

It’s never good when someone comes across something their not supposed to and now you’ll never have to worry about it again.

MacHider puts your Mac on lockdown so when you’re not around to protect it, it will make sure all your “secret” documents and files are safe and sound.


Privacy, privacy, privacy. Who doesn’t love their privacy? MacHider makes sure all the files we don’t want accessible to the outsiders running around our office are safe and sound. Now we can leave our computers on without having to worry about someone discovering something they shouldn’t. It’s as simple as that.


Increase Your Privacy
Hide those files by using the contextual menu in Finder, adding the file from MacHider’s menu or dragging and dropping them into MacHider. An unlimited number of files can be protected at once.

No File Modification
Effective protection techniques allow you to hide files and folders from other users without changing them. You won’t lose any files during the hiding process.

Stay Super Organized
Your private files and folders can be organized into groups, so you may easily and quickly locate them whenever you need.

Password Protection
The Require Password Protection lets you protect MacHider with your own password. If you select this option in the Preferences Pane, then every time MacHider is launched it will require you to type the password.


“MacHider is an innovative Mac OS X app that helps users to put sensitive and confidential files out of sight of prying eyes. The data could be anything – financial information, private photos and videos – MacHider can hide all type of files.” – The Next Web

“MacHider, in all its simplicity, might be one of the best hiding tools that I have seen, offering the widest range of possibilities, and the quickest and easiest ways to place the veil of invisibility over your sensitive data.” – MacTrast

“MacHider is an innovative product intended to put out of sight your confidential information from third parties or other unwanted eyes.” – SPN


  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
  • English


A Revolutionary 3D Modeling and Rendering Application

By BrainDistrict | in Apps + Software


Imagine having the power to create amazing 3D models, scenes and worlds by simply typing text commands.

RaySupreme is a powerful, full-featured 3D modeling and rendering software that introduces a new innovative technology called Text-to-3D to make your 3D models come to life.

This new approach allows anyone, from beginners to professionals, to easily create exceptional looking 3D.


It’s the first and only full-featured 3D modeling, texturing and rendering program that introduces a groundbreaking new technology called Text-to-3D. We’re all about innovative technology and this allows anyone the ability to create striking 3D images, scenes and worlds simply by typing text descriptions. It’s revolutionary and it’s easy. Two attributes that bring so much value to this application.


  • 3D modeling, mapping and rendering tools you would expect from any professional 3D program
  • Revolutionary Text-to-3D Engine which processes English statements into 3D imagery
  • Powerful Node-based features which support and integrate Text-to-3D Technology into your Models
  • Detailed Documentation that supports the beginner, intermediate or expert 3D artist
  • Ever-expanding database of objects, materials and Text-to-3D extensions with free, unlimited downloads
  • Worldwide community of RaySupreme users that share materials, objects and scenes


“RaySupreme is definitely a 3D modeling program worth using. It gives you all the powerful professional tools you need. Most importantly, with its innovative Text-to-3D system, BrainDistrict has made it possible for beginners and professionals alike to get their feet wet in the world of 3D modeling without getting in over their heads or going over budget.” – Top Ten Reviews

“RaySupreme is a really affordable, cool piece of software that is useful for artists or game developers like me to get a start on modeling a scene, or for quick prototyping." – Andy Churchill, Game Developer

“Smart and easy to use 3D modeling program – It does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner. With RaySupreme, you will be able to create professional grade 3D scenes from the ground up, just by typing a description with your own words.” – FindMySoft Team


  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • English

Airy YouTube Downloader

Effortlessly Download YouTube Videos to Your Mac For Easy Viewing

By Eltima | in Apps + Software

Ever want to watch your favorite YouTube videos without waiting for them to buffer or having to connect to the Web? Check out Airy, a premium YouTube downloader for Mac that saves videos to your computer for easy access. Whether you’re starting a collection of your favorite videos to view on your desktop, or extracting MP3s to take your favorite media on the go, we think you’ll agree: the versatility that Airy provides is unbeatable.

  • Save YouTube videos straight to your desktop for easy viewing
  • Download multiple videos & whole playlists at once
  • Download saved videos in MP4, FLV & 3GP formats, as well as different resolutions
  • Extract sound from any video and save it as an MP3
  • Integrate into your browser for easy one-click video downloads
  • Benefit from a super simple download
  • Utilize an intuitive, easy-to-use interface


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or greater
  • Supported languages:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Russian
  • Updates not included
  • Restrictions: activation included for one computer only
  • License deadline: redeem within 30 days of purchase

My Living Desktop

Bring Your Desktop to Life With Beautiful & Moving Environments

By Amuse | in Apps + Software


Looking for a mental vacation?

My Living Desktop brings a whole new dimension to your computing experience by turning your Mac’s desktop into a beautiful, moving environment…even complete with soothing sounds.

The app provides a wide array of stunning, relaxing high definition video scenes that’ll run right on your desktop just like a screensaver. You can even import your own movie segments to create a truly personal and unique desktop environment.


In today’s age we practically live on our computer so it’s nice to bring your favorite vacay spot right to your desktop so you can take a mental vacation every once in awhile. My Living Desktop does more than that. With it’s “video screensaver” capability it makes you feel like you’re actually at a dreamy little paradise. If you’re looking to take more mental vacations right from your desktop look no futher.


  • Lights, Camera, Action: with its video importer, My Living Desktop lets you import your own movie scenes.
  • Many Scenes to Sooth the Soul: comes complete with 28 stunning high definition screen saver videos.
  • Software With Manners: sports robust auto-disable and auto-mute features.
  • Serenity Now: with it’s auto serenity break feature, you stay in tip top mental shape.
  • And more.


“Nice work – it’s amazing to see these animations on my desktop!” – Leo Laporte Call for Help TV KFI AM 640, Los Angeles TWiT Podcast

“My Living Desktop is the coolest!! Seeing water rippling, birds "ying by, clouds drifting along, water falls – all right on your desktop – it’s truly a great experience for one who stares at the Mac all day.” – George Duke, Jazz Musician, Grammy Award Winner, R&B Keyboardist Of The Year, Innumerable movie & televisions scores

“I’m a musician, and I was on tour. I had my laptop with My Living Desktop on in the dressing room. The other two guys in the horn section saw it and immediately went and downloaded the program. So peaceful, it’s the best mini-vacation you can take without leaving your desk.” – George Shelby, Musician for American Idol, Aretha Franklin, Kung Fu Panda, Happy Feet, Glee


With the purchase of this bundle you’ll also receive an email from My LIving Desktop that will give you a coupon code for $10 off any additional scenes. Please click HERE to check out your options!


  • Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8
  • English only

Compartments For Mac

Protect Your Valuables With This Home Value Inventory Software

By Littlefin Software | in Apps + Software


Keeping track of home inventory is one of the most important things you can do for peace of mind and insurance purposes. We don’t like to consider the worst, but if a catastrophic event were to cause serious damage to your home or belongings, would you be able to piece together everything that was lost?

Take stock of your estate with Compartments, the simple home inventory application for Mac. With a beautiful, user-friendly interface, it makes entering and categorizing items a breeze so you spend minutes, not hours, entering data.

Enter dozens of items in seconds with Quick Add and apply tags to multiple items with Quick Apply, then generate an inventory report that automatically calculates estimated value of everything.

We know some things are irreplaceable and that’s why Compartments is here to help ease the pain in case anything does ever happen.


We know that collecting inventory can be a burdensome task, but we also know that the feeling of security you get when you know everything is accounted for is worth it. Compartments makes this process so streamlined that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t know what’s in your possession.


Report Generator
With one click, you can generate an inventory report of all or some items and the app automatically calculates the total estimated value of everything.

Stop filing away all those serial numbers, receipts, and warranties, Compartments keeps track of all that info and WarrantyGuard will warn you of warranties expiring soon.

Compartments Search
Never forget where you put something ever again. Search for anything by name, tag, or type and save the search as an auto-updating smart collection so you can quickly find any item in the house.

The Family In Sync
Dropbox and MobileMe integration allow for automatic syncing across multiple computers and keeps your data safe. Keep everyone up-to-date with item locations because one Compartments license works for every computer you own.

Easily Add Images
If an item doesn’t come with a serial number, prove you actually own it with a picture.


“It’s not often that we’d call a database compelling but Compartments is so well-judged and nicely implemented that we can see ourselves cataloguing everything in the house. This well-priced, useful piece of software could pay for itself many times over…” – IT Reviews


  • OS X 10.6.6 or newer
  • English


  • Instant digital redemption