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Your new iPhone 6 is a precious resource and lifeline to different content, contacts and the others around you. With Rhino Shields 6 layer technology at your side, you will have 5x more damage, scratch and impact protection then your other traditional screen protectors. Rhino Shield also brings its advanced protection to the next level with supreme scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint oleophobic technology, keeping your screen resistant to oils and fingerprints while still remaining silky smooth. This elite level screen protector is also just .029cm thin, making it optically clear so you never have to worry about your image or screen being distorted or unresponsive.


Rhino Shield is your answer to the always dangerous world around you. Drops, scratches and impacts can happen anywhere and at anytime. Rhino Shield is your the easy answer to protecting your fresh new iPhone 6 or 6+. Screens are expensive as is! Nearly $100 for current replacements and new tech like the sapphire screen will likely cost more. These sapphire screens do add a new level of scratch resistance not seen by other iPhones, but are actually more susceptible to breaking due to impact and drop damage. Let Rhino Shield save you the hassle of replacement while keeping your original screen in one piece so you can slide and play for years to come!


  • Designed to protect screens from cracking
  • Easy to install
  • Offers elite impact protection
  • Anti shock layer to protect from drops
  • Scratch resistant coating for increased durability
  • Optically clear transparency for maintained image quality
  • Anti fingerprint Oleophobic technology


Made for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ NOTE: Check the "Version" drop down in the upper right corner of the page to select your iPhone 6 version (6 or 6+).


"but the Rhino Shield has turned me around considering how unobtrusive it can be. It fits in my case, it fended off a hammer attack, and at just 0.029 centimeters thick, I can hardly tell it’s there." - Jacob Siegal, BGR "certainly enough to convince me that a phone with Rhino Shield on it is definitely better off than one without." - Ben Coxworth, Gizmag


  • Package size: 8”x3.9”x0.2”
  • Weight 2 oz


  • One (1 Rhino Shield screen protector for iPhone 6 or 6+
  • One (1) Microfiber Cloth
  • One (1) Squeegee
  • Two (2) Dust removal stickers


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