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If you aren't a computer wiz, keeping your Mac *fast and secure* requires a bit of knowledge and digging around in settings you might not be familiar with. Bitdefender Mechanic makes it easy for *anyone* to clean up disk space and improve system performance.


Bitdefender Mechanic is a fresh approach. *Designed for new Mac users* who don’t know how or *don't want to dig into system or application settings*; it's a basic cleaning app that gives you the essential tools to keep your system safe, maintain privacy, and maintain your Mac's operating speed by freeing up RAM space. Sure, *there are more comprehensive apps* that give you greater control over what gets cleaned and when, *but they're also not free*. TOP FEATURES
  • *Free memory only when necessary*: If you clean your system too often, it can sometimes cause performance problems. Mechanic only lets you free more RAM when a certain threshold is passed, so you get the most out of your Mac's hardware.
  • *Protect your privacy*: Browsers and other applications store information about your activity. Choose what to keep and what to delete, all in one place.
  • *Identify unstable apps*: See what apps crash and how often. Delete them or give feedback to the developer, it's your choice.
  • *Keep your Mac in top shape*: Notifies you of software that needs updating so your Mac isn't vulnerable to attack.


"Mechanic by Bitdefender may not possess the wide range of system-improving features found in the likes of CCleaner, but users who want a very quick system tweak will find it a useful tool. And, hey, it's free! Give it a download and give your Mac a booster shot." - (3/5)


  • OS X Lion 10.7.5 or higher
  • English


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