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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!

Please Note: These courses show you how to use Swift and Xcode, in order to follow along, you must have an Apple Developer account to access/use Swift.


If you're an entrepreneur or just want to learn how to make iOS apps, this is the ultimate course to teach you how – and it's designed for complete beginners. As you progress through the lessons, you'll produce 20 App Store-ready apps for iOS 7 and 20 apps for iOS 8 – all while learning app development skills as quickly as possible. It covers all the bases, from design, to coding to uploading to the App Store (for iOS 7 only). This is the all-in-one development course you need to become an app developer. You can make an app in 1 hour and upload to the app store using iOS 7. OR - get a head start on developing iOS 8 apps with over 25 hours of content available today.


Don't bother with confusing books or other online courses, this is the user-friendly way to learn Xcode. The instructor makes app development seem effortless and has a tried tested and true method of taking anybody and making them into a rock star developer.


  • Millionaire calculator
  • Interactive Savings app
  • Business start-up cost app
  • Many more


  • 65 total hours of content on how to produce 40 App Store-ready apps using Xcode
  • 25 hours of Swift training for beginners, build 20 apps using Apple's new, easy to use iOS programming language
  • One of the most beginner-friendly courses on the market
  • How to upload to the app store, and get it approved as quickly as possible
  • How to master and design top selling apps


  • An internet connection
  • Xcode
  • A Mac computer (for Xcode)
  • An Apple developer's account to use Swift

THE EXPERT - John Bura

John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive. This company produces XBOX, iPhone, iPad, android, HTML 5, ad-games and more. Mammoth Interactive recently sold a game to Nickelodeon! John has been contracted by many different companies to provide game design, audio, programming, level design and project management. To this day John has 40 commercial games that he has contributed to. Several of the games he has produced have risen to the top 10 in the Apple's app store.


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  • Must have an Apple Developer account to access/use Swift programming language and follow along with courses
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