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FaceFilter 3 Standard

FaceFilter 3 Standard



This versatile photo retouching and beautifying toolkit makes it easy to apply natural skin smoothing and blemish removal tools, or—if you're feeling creative—go all out with the comprehensive multi-layer makeup system to really make your features pop. And once your done beautifying the subjects of your images, take your photos to the next level with a variety of morphing tools and DSLR post-effects.


As photo-editing software goes, the editing environment in FaceFilter 3 is one of the easiest to use. If you use one of the included makeup templates, applying effects is as easy as clicking a button. FaceFilter3 includes templates that fit any photo-editing need. From adding party makeup or a natural tan to anti-aging effects and face slimming, FaceFilter3 has you covered and will insure that your images look DSLR quality without the need for a professional camera.


  • Simple UI Editing Environment.
  • Flawless Complexion - Smooth skin texture and tone and highlight natural contours of the face.
  • Makeup Templates - Makeup artist-inspired cosmetic system with over 400 templates and up to 20 masking layers to achieve ultimate photorealism.
  • Morph Face Shape + Expression - Use FaceFilter3's proprietary 3D muscle-based facial transformation technology to alter unappealing expressions, improving face structure, or simply slim it down.
  • DSLR & Lens Effects - Color correction, white balance adjustment, lens filters, focal adjustment, and bokeh effects bring professional quality to your photos.




"If you’re serious about portrait photography and need something more to help boost your images, then FaceFilter3 software should go to the top of your shopping list. " - Photoshop Creative "A very effective product that makes light work of enhancing an image." – micromart "It is not just celebrities who can benefit from a digital make-over. Now you can use a software package to tidy up your own image." – Gadget Speak


  • OS: OS X 10.7 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU or higher
  • RAM: 8 GB or higher recommended
  • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB free or higher recommended
  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Video Memory: 256 MB RAM or higher recommended


  • No refunds, all sales are final.
  • Assets are instantly downloadable upon purchase.
  • Assets may be used, royalty-free, for any personal or commercial project.
  • You may not redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer assets to any third party.
  • Upon purchase, follow redemption instructions located in your account to download assets.


*Important Terms of Use For Designer Assets*
  • *Can* be used for personal or commercial use, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on its own, or as part of a new work.
  • *Cannot* be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own (even for free). Cannot be used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold.
*Can I download all of the products in my bundle?
* Yup, all of the products in our bundle are downloadable right in your account. No shipping address is needed. *What’s the catch?
* There’s no catch! You’ll get the same versions of the apps as if you paid full price for them and you’ll also receive the same support, updates, and upgrade options as well. *How does it work?* 
We work closely with our developer connections to mix and match the best apps for a bundle so we’re able to sell thousands within a two-week time frame. We leverage our relationships with tech blogs to expand our reach to millions of people worldwide which makes it attractive for developers of all kinds to work with us. *How many bundles can I buy?
* Due to the nature of the bundle you’re only able to buy ONE (1) bundle per customer. *What version of Mac OS X do I need to use the bundle of apps?* Please view the product description for each app to find out the system requirements. You can find this on the bundle page. *What languages do the apps in the bundle support?* Please view the product description for each app to find out the applicable languages. You can find this on the bundle page. *If I buy the bundle today, can I download my apps later after I get my new Mac?*
 Yes, as long as it’s within 60 days of your purchase (or else we can't guarantee your license codes will still be valid). You’ll be able to access all of your license codes, download links, and installation instructions right in your account. *Will the developers of each app in this bundle be allowed to email me after I buy it?
* Yes, they will be able to contact you via email for support/upgrade reasons but you will always have the right to unsubscribe from their emails if you need to. This allows for them to provide the best support to you possible. *Do the licenses work on all my Macs?* 
Please note: all licenses are for ONE user only but some licenses are valid for use on numerous Macs. Please see the product description. If there is no product description they are applicable to only ONE Mac. *Are the apps Mavericks Compatible?* 
Yes, and if any MINOR upgrades occur they will be free. *Where can I retrieve my purchase information?
* You’ll be emailed a confirmation receipt that will contain everything you need to know to download and activate your apps and you’ll also be able to access all your purchase information in your account under ‘My Purchases’. *Did my purchase go through?* If your purchase was complete, you should 1) receive a confirmation message in your web browser, 2) be able to access all your product information in your account under ‘My Purchases’, 3) receive a confirmation email. *The license code I received isn’t working, what should I do?* 
Please carefully read the installation instructions for each of your products to make sure you’re not missing something. Some applications require you to enter in your name and/or email address exactly as you provided those details to us. If your license details are still not working, please contact the developer directly of the app in question for the fastest response. *I mistyped my name or email address so how can I update my license details?*
 Please contact the developer directly of the app in question for the fastest response. We’re unable to manually alter licenses once they have been granted so you must contact the developer in order to get the issue resolved. Please note that this may take several days to get fixed because it can be relatively laborious. *How do I get a refund?* 
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. We are all for refunds but due to the nature of the time-limited sale we’re unable to grant refunds. All purchases are final and no exceptions will be granted so please be aware of what you’re buying. A lot of the applications have free trials so please be sure to try them out before you make the purchase and it’s your responsibility to make sure that all of the apps are compatible with your Mac. Please contact the necessary developer or our support before you pull the trigger if you’re not sure. *I was charged multiple times, what should I do?* Contact us immediately with your full name, your account email address, and the dates the charges were made and we’ll be sure to take care of the situation. *Do I need to create a member account to purchase?* Yes, it’s completely free. If you’re not already a member you’ll need to create an account when you plan to checkout. All of your purchase history will be stored in your member account. *If I missed out on the sale will I be able to still buy it?* No, all offers are time-limited so once time has expired you’ll no longer be able to buy the sale. When signing up you’ll be able to sign up to our newsletter to avoid missing any of our sales in the future. *The website isn’t working and I have no idea what to do?* Please ensure that your browser is up-to-date and if it still isn’t working properly please try using a different browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
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