WriteThatname + HistoRecall

The Email Assistant that Automatically Updates your Address Book

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by Kwaga in Web Services

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Is Your Address Book a Mess?

Tired of Manually Entering your Contacts Yourself?

That can all change thanks to WriteThatname, a Gmail and Google Apps service that keeps your contacts’ details 100% up-to-date, and all this WITHOUT AN OUNCE of effort on your side.

With this EXCLUSIVE offer you’re going to get a ONE (1) year PREMIUM subscription to WriteThatname and will also receive HistoRecall, a powerful extra feature that scans the last year of your email exchanges and updates all of the contacts you never had the time to do yourself for ONLY $20!

WriteThatname Top Features:

  • Address Book Updates: It analyzes the contents of your email messages and we detect new contacts or updated details.

  • HistoRecall: It generates a new address book from your old emails automatically!

  • Multi-Account: WriteThat.name can manage and aggregate several email accounts to update all of your contacts.

  • CRM Synchronization: The contacts of your CRM (HighRise) stay up-to-date thanks to WriteThat.name.

  • Dashboard: As soon as you sign up, you have a dashboard and a personal space to manage all your options.

  • Mobile Synchronization: All the changes made to your address book are of course available on your mobile.

  • And More…

One Year Premium Subscription + HistoRecall:

  • Automagically update your address book at will
  • Create unlimited contacts per month
  • Address book updated daily
  • Use for up to three different Gmail accounts
  • Extract contacts from all your old emails

Terms & Conditions:

  • Purchase is valid for a ONE (1) year PREMIUM subscription for WriteThatname
  • Purchase is valid for HistoRecall
  • Good with Gmail, Google Apps, Lotus Notes (and soon Outlook)
  • 30 day refund policy

p.s. enjoy your address book sanity ;)


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