ChargeKey: The Key-Sized Charging Cable (iPhone 5/5S/5C)

Forget The Tangled Mess, This Is The KEY To Keeping Your Phone Charged At All Times + Free Shipping!

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If an Android phone (Micro USB) is what you’re working with CLICK HERE.


ChargeKey is your iPhone lightning cable, just downsized to fit on your keyring. Its minimal design is perfect for always having a charging/sync cable on hand.

Use ChargeKey to charge from any USB port, it even works for your iPad and iPad Mini, as long as you have a lightning compatible device, you can charge from any USB port.


We love products like ChargeKey because they fix a common problem. Bringing around your tangled mess of cords is annoying. You carry your keys everywhere anyway, why not always have a charging cable as well?

The best type of charging cable is the one you always have on you. So stay prepared and leave that tangled mess behind.


  • The world’s thinnest USB phone cable
  • Always have a cable on you, fits in nicely next to the rest of your keys
  • Charge and Sync your lightning devices


“The size and shape, and the fact that it fits anywhere without needing to be coiled/uncoiled or being a pain to carry, make it a pretty useful tool.” – Alan Henry – lifehacker

“If you frequently find yourself in need of a charge cable and don’t want the hassle of packing an actual cord everywhere you go, the [ChargeKey] makes an excellent travel companion.” – Rick Broida – CNET

“I can say that it really does make good on its simple promise: It charges your phone, and does so without taking up much space. Simple.” – Seth Porges – Forbes


  • Any Apple product with an 8-pin Lightning connector (iPhone 5/5S/5C, newer-gen iPads & iPod Touches)


  • Height: 7.14 cm
  • Width: 3.04 cm


  • One (1) ChargeKey For iPhone 5/5s/5c & Lighting iPad & iPad Mini
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